Cannabis cultivation company green-lighted to begin construction in Whately

With the Planning Board’s approval for a landscape screening plan, Greenjeans Farms is now cleared to begin construction of an indoor cannabis cultivation facility at Long Plain Farm at 149 Christian Lane.

With four members voting in favor and Sara Cooper abstaining as an abutter, Greenjeans Farms and General Manager Julie Beauchemin are able to begin construction on the site after passing through an approval process that spanned from September to March. Beauchemin said the company hopes to begin construction over the summer and be fully operational by the end of the year.

“We are grateful to the right-to-farm communities like Whately who support their small, local farms by making it possible for them to participate in this industry,” Beauchemin wrote in an email. “Greenjeans Farms is taking an agricultural, energy-efficient approach to cannabis, which not only produces superior cannabis flower, but also contributes to more sustainable practices.”

Beauchemin presented three options, which included plantings of red twig dogwood, inkberry holly and clethra plants; a 7-foot chain-link fence with green privacy screens; or a cedar stockade fence. She said the farm would have to wait for state Cannabis Control Commission approval for its plantings after construction is completed because plantings can be a security hazard as people could hide in them after dark.

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